Business Process Outsourcing:

There are things an organization must do to run efficiently. Then again, there are things that can be achieved with innovation and insight. Beyond business processes, we believe that clients should be able to optimize business and knowledge through collaboration. Dawn’s Business/Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPO & KPO) services empower Insurance and Mortgage businesses to focus on growth and adaptability, versus processes alone.

    Business Intelligence Reporting

    Dawn’s Business Intelligence Reporting Domain Practices aim at delivering high-value, high-visibility, structured reports to clients on various mission-critical quality metrics that might provide important insights into the functioning of the day-to-day business activities.

    These detailed reports which are published on a periodic basis (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly) enable key decision makers to KEEP informed and educated about business decisions. Our BI teams work in close coordination with client IT teams to identify the required metrics and then deliver highly customized results, varying in terms of complexity based on the target audience and business needs.

    Some of the services offered under BI Reporting include:

    • Developing custom built Reporting Templates.
    • Service Quality Metrics that combine the performance and availability metrics into single consolidated charts/reports providing a complete view of services provided as per client needs.
    • Preparing Daily Scorecards for various departments.
    • Automation of Reports via Excel VBA Macros, SQL Queries, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence Reports etc. We bring value added top down advice and the ability to generate creative business, technology and commercial solutions. We don't just provide resources against a rate card.
    • Collating data and creating custom reports on application & server uptime/downtime
    • Maintaining weekly QC reports to ensure 100% accuracy in the reports.
    • For more information on Dawn’s Business Intelligence Reporting functions, please have a look at our case study for a leading Specialty Insurance Provider.

    Human Resource Process Outsourcing

    With dynamic business and geographical diversification, handling the Human Resource functions can prove to be a highly challenging and time-consuming process for internal HR teams. Dawn HR Processing operations can significantly reduce this burden by providing a range of services encompassing all key functions such as:

    • Processing Personal Data Changes i.e. Name, Address, Marital Status, Emergency Contact Information, etc.
    • Processing Pay Adjustments, Merit Increase, Promotions and Demotions
    • Processing General Data Changes i.e. Location Transfers, Department Changes, Job Title Changes, Shift Changes, Supervisor Changes, etc.
    • Processing Terminations, Leave of Absence and Return from Leave
    • Updating existing Incentive Plans and enrolling new Incentive Plans

    • Processing New Hire forms on the ABRA Suite

      • Processing New Hire requests to generate a new Employee record.
      • Processing Rehire requests if the Employee was eligible for Rehire.
      • Generating the Employee Ids for New Hires and forwarding the same to the Recruiters/HR Business Consultants for the Orientation program.
      • Enrolling the New Hires for the eligible Incentive Plans, if any.
      • Processing the Referral Bonus information for the referral source.

    • ABRA Export

      • Exporting the employee records from the ABRA Suite to the Payroll.
      • Updating Employees' Benefits data.
      • Optimizing the database.
      • Reforming indexes and performing backup.
      • Generating the Export CSV files for various Pay Companies.

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