Telecom businesses need to continuously explore the possibilities of advanced communication systems. Smart IT solutions will help deliver improved services, boost operational efficiency, and build integrated networks.

    The telecom industry is currently witnessing critical challenges in terms of stringent regulations, managing profit margins, diminishing ARPUs, falling customer loyalties and disruptive technology innovations. Dawn’s IT solutions and services for the Telecom sector are designed to address these key challenges and also to bridge the technology gaps pervasive to telecom service providers and equipment vendors. We enable our clients to effectively address the challenges and opportunities brought about by technology convergence, rising competition, and demand for newer service bundles and content.

    Our prior IT engagements with telecom companies has enabled us to acquire a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the telecommunications industry, which in turn allows us to develop and deliver pragmatic and sustainable solutions to our clients. Leveraging the experience and expertise of our technology CoEs (.NET, Java, Open Source), we can help our clients to rapidly achieve IT and business transformation, as necessary for building and maintaining core competencies. Our solutions enable our clients to effortlessly revamp their technology support systems and empower them with the ability to maintain their competitiveness in the next-generation telecommunications marketplace.

    We can help our clients achieve wide ranging benefits such as reduced time-to-market, accelerated product/application development and maintenance, reduced operational costs, superior customer satisfaction and improved global presence. Our expertise in the telecom industry extends to areas such as application/product development, business intelligence and data warehousing, cloud computing and knowledge process outsourcing. Integrating our industry specific technology competencies with innovative solutions, we help our clients realize their business goals.

    Energy and Utilities

    The need of the hour is to deliver power, gas, and water in a more efficient and responsible manner. Strategic IT investments will help upgrade utility networks, augment supply chain & logistics, maximize generation potential and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Dawn’s Data Quality Management framework validates operational data, reports errors and inconsistencies, cleanses and standardizes data, and removes redundancy by data matching.

    Energy & utility companies are faced with a complicated and ever-changing business environment characterized by increasing cost pressures, shortage of skilled labor, rising technology costs and mounting pressures to comply with stringent environmental rules and regulations. To meet these challenges, energy & utility companies are constantly making efforts to control costs, improve asset utilization, increase efficiencies, launch green initiatives, and devise smarter processes. Dawn offers a comprehensive range of IT consulting, solutions, and services for energy & utility organizations worldwide to address their business challenges and enable them to become more agile, flexible and proactive.

    Leveraging our IT expertise, we enable our clients to achieve optimal efficiencies by streamlining supply chain processes, improving asset utilization, enhancing customer care and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our high-end IT solutions help in maximizing returns on IT investments, accelerating revenue growth, improving portfolio management, aligning business processes with organizational goals and strategies, and improving tracking and monitoring of mission-critical processes. We help energy & utility companies to simultaneously meet the ever increasing demands of the population and the challenges brought about by growing environmental concerns.

    With the current trend of companies adopting the latest digital technologies and business models, we, at Dawn, have a focused domain competency group to cater to specific segments within this industry. Domain experts from these groups work as specialists to drive Dawn’s knowledge capital and thought leadership on various aspects of the clients' requirements. These focused segment groups channelize their research and development initiatives to build innovative solutions adding significant value in all their client-engagements in the Energy and Utilities sector.

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