Digital Media:

    Open Source Content Management

    A few years back, CMS was the term for a commercial content management system. However, soon it was referred to as ‘open source’ content management system. With the evolvement of open source CMS, it is not a difficult task anymore to get customizable CMS panels, as per your requirements. However, to make CMS more efficient, it has to be resourceful and easy to operate, even for a person with a non-technical background.

    Our areas of expertise include professional CMS services which offers rich and resourceful Content Management Systems. With the help of such robust CMS, you get the freedom of customizing your content as per your needs. Our fleet of proficient developers adeptly utilizes advanced CMS website development platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. to deliver end-to-end content management solution for our clients. Our groundbreaking CMS-based web development solutions help you track more visitors, which can soon become your potential clientele.

    The wide array of benefits offered by our customized CMS web development includes:

    • Updating website content without the help of a qualified technical programmer
    • Addition of web pages according to your choice
    • Complete control over your website where you can manage webpage elements such as pictures, graphics, video/audios, and text, in a manner that suits your business needs
    • The publishing time is reduced, as you don’t have to face technical obstacles
    • We develop & optimize your website for search engines with the help of a robust CMS
    • You get the better search facility, where the webpage or the content you are looking for is displayed quickly in front of you
    • E-commerce/online shopping portals
    • Blog development and integration to achieve improved interaction with visitors
    • Forum/ Chat development for greater participation of the community
    • CMS development for social networking sites to support their end users interactions such as live chat, text messaging, reviews, blogging and live feeds, etc.
    • Integration of multimedia features like audio/video/ 3D animation/ graphics to enhance user experience and bring about more business conversions.

    E-Commerce Portals

    E-commerce web portals have a tremendous ability to boost the sales activity of any business. And that is why many businesses and corporate establishments have transformed themselves, partially or completely, from a physical business entity to an online organization. E-commerce websites can generate enormous profits, if handled properly.

    The catch here is the attention to detail. This is where we can help you maintain and boost your business. To enable you to gain massive profits from your e-commerce website, we pay attention to every small detail on your portal, making it perfect and swaying the customers into buying your products and services.

    Our specialty is our understanding of a well-established e-commerce Lifecycle that considers finer nuances in all details of a successful e-commerce web portal. We have fragmented the e-commerce website development Lifecycle in various phases which begins with the design and development of the portal and ends with the provision of 24x7 support services.

    However, we understand that your requirements may differ from others and hence, we believe in providing customized services in the e-commerce web portal development space. Given below are some of the key services provided by us:

    • General functionalities.
    • Setup or installation.
    • Design/layout.
    • Product functionality.
    • Shopping guide functionality/shopping cart.
    • Back-end portal administration and management.
    • 3rd party payment gateway integration.
    • Billing and invoicing services.
    • Order tracking and reporting modules.

    One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce portal is the payment gateway. We have successfully developed third party payment gateway integration for several of our clients. With our payment management services, you will get an advanced payment processing system for seamless management of complex payment issues. We serve you with the ability for real-time transactions. The system provides online processing of credit card payments. We also offer inbuilt features for the security of sensitive credit card data, downtime, and accuracy of electronic transaction processing. The biggest asset of this system is integration with the back-office accounting applications to ensure that all updates are simultaneously reflected front-to-back, across the system.

    Enterprise Content Management

    Many business entities today face the common, yet the grievous problem of searching the right information when urgently required. As the complexity level of information increases, it becomes equally difficult to manage all aspects of this information. Moreover, it is becoming highly complicated to manage ever growing content of corporate organizations, which includes web content, digital assets and print media. Our extensive CMS solutions enable you to address these problems head-on.

    The major reason that grabs everyone’s attention towards digital advertising is the dynamism it holds. We help organizations shape their digital future to remain competitive, since the digital advertising industry is undergoing a metamorphosis.

    Campaign Management Tools

    Campaign management has several benefits. Considering this fact, we provide comprehensive campaign management solutions that will enable you to plan, review and execute campaigns to improve commercial effectiveness and efficiency. With our solutions, you can:

    • Attain more number of campaigns.
    • Get better targets and response rates.
    • Make necessary changes in the campaign.

    Ad Delivery Systems

    Advertisements are the connection between your product and customers. We, at Dawn, understand this fact thoroughly and hence provide our clients with high-tech advertisement solutions that meet the needs of top-notch online advertisers and publishers. Backed by several years of experience in this field, we have raised the bar for delivering complex web advertising campaigns. The essence of our Ad Delivery System is its accuracy, ability to aim towards the Internet genre of audience, compatibility with all third party setups, and to deliver first-rated results for lead-generation and branding.

    Log Processing and Conversion Processing Tools

    Log processing is an important process in many organizations. It enables identification of security threats or malfunctions that may have taken place. We provide sophisticated log processing and conversion processing tools that serve as a log collection center. This centralized system comes with a package of benefits such as effective auditing, improved analysis for multiple platforms and secure log storage.

    Inventory Management

    Today, every business requires IT solutions that ensure increased efficiency and effective output within the organization. One of such proficient IT solutions is the Inventory Management System. Our advanced inventory management system enables you to boost output, support your business strategic plans and meet the orders of the market.

    • Organization’s strategic goals
    • Sales forecasting
    • Operating and production planning
    • Material demand planning
    • Inventory diminution

    Real Time Bidding Platforms and Media Exchanges

    Over the past few years, marketing instruments have evolved at a fast pace. Several new ways and technologies are being used to boost market presence and gain maximum potential clientele. Auction media is one of such budding area which is helping the search engine marketing strategy to grow explosively. Real-time bidding platforms and media exchanges come with numerous advantages, some of which are:.

    • Cost efficiency
    • Actionable insights
    • Yield management
    • Creative optimization
    • Retargeting
    • Performance

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is a scientific discipline that deals with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to develop behaviors, which are based on empirical data like databases. The data can be taken as examples that demonstrate an association between observed variables. A major focus of machine learning research is to automatically learn to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on the data. However, the biggest difficulty in this is the fact that the set of all possible behaviors given all possible inputs is too large to be handled by the set of observed examples. We help you generalize from the given examples in order to produce a useful output in new cases.

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