Offsite Delivery Model

Dawn offers an off-site delivery model which allows clients to take advantage of a more cost-effective yet full-service development staff for the complete range of solution & service offerings. Our unique Offsite Delivery program is designed to assist our clients with development efforts using our state-of-the-art, US-based Development Center with a cost savings of up to 60% compared with onsite. Dawn operates within a secure, centralized network protected by several layers of security, including preventing cyber-attacks of all forms.

Each development initiative is overseen by fully experienced Project Manager within Dawn, ensuring that the deliverables meet with rigorous quality standards on-time and within budget. The off-site model is an attractive alternative for clients looking for more cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Our off-site delivery program is unique

Offsite Delivery Model Highlights:

  • Priced at approximately 60% of equivalent onsite services.
  • Highly qualified certified consultants.
  • Excellent communication and project control - Same country and same time zone.
  • Flexible scalable model - the capability of scaling projects on demand for any duration.
  • Flexing to your methodology - adapting to clients' way of doing business and managing projects, instead of making you fit a standard methodology or process.

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