Quality Assurance & Software Testing

    Quality Assurance Consulting - Testing Consultancy

    With its comprehensive range of testing services, Dawn ensures that ample thought is given to structuring an approach featuring best strategies, processes and metrics. The QA experts act as advisors and consultants to design frameworks that facilitate alignment of testing services with the business objectives. We provide comprehensive quality services to customers by adopting best practices and standards that are in line with the Software Testing Life Cycle. Our QA team consists of experts with diverse technical and domain proficiencies.

    Characteristics of the approach:

    • Understand and consolidate customer requirements
    • Evaluation of software (Application Tool Compatibility and Risk Assessment) by our QA experts’ team
    • Provide standardized and client customized solution architecture
    • Improve client testing processes and optimize the testing efficiency
    • Adopt a proper communication techniques throughout the project
    • By providing our testing services, we mitigate the testing challenges/risks and improve the overall test quality and the efficiency of the product
    • To continuously improve the test services, training programs and certifications are conducted periodically

    QA Processes - QA Governance

    The Engineering guidelines are created for all QA areas, to bring in uniformity and to streamline the QA activities across projects. Manual process guidelines, Automation & Performance scripting guidelines, Planning & Execution guidelines are all incorporated to optimize the efficiency of QA deliverables.

    Process compliance and continuous improvement is achieved through internal audits and periodic reviews.

    Dawn systematically mitigates the risk by following a business continuity plan to ensure that the deliverables are not affected. Dawn’s QA governance team, consisting of members from development, quality assurance infrastructure and production support, are responsible for managing a release sign off at desired levels, and gating of releases to the next environment. They also formalize the QA standards, templates and metrics.

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