Mobile technology is quickly emerging as a valuable digital channel to provide our members more personalized and real-time service. Dawn has already conducted in-depth consumer research and continues to conduct various pilots regarding the use of mobile applications. Our research shows that consumers are looking for mobile functionality to get convenient access to information that will help them improve their health. Our Client made a decision to develop their our own mobile application, can launch their enterprise mobile Infrastructure and deliver both browser-based mobile applications for various mobile devices as well as downloadable apps for iPhone and Droid smart phones and an optimized website for tablet visitors.

Dawn launched their first enterprise mobile solution - the mobile-optimized find a Doctor web experience. Since launch, we have experienced over 365,000 transactions on the new mobile Find a Doctor tool.

Dawn is committed to expanding clients' mobile experience for their consumers and members on an ongoing basis with enhanced capabilities.

The completed charter addresses the specific need to:

  • View the Claims Overview and Claims details of the member and their dependents.
  • View Plans and Benefit information Highly qualified certified consultants.
  • Estimate Costs of Procedures in different states and countries.
  • Create downloadable apps for Android and iPhone for the above 3 cases along with Mobile web.

The below is an extract from the Enterprise Mobile Strategy document presented to our client leadership. Based on our research, customer expectations in the mobile healthcare space have not yet crystallized, leaving a narrow window of opportunity for our Client to develop a valuable consumer offering.
The competition cautiously introduced mobile, with no one carrier taking strong leadership or deviating from the pack. Our client competitors currently provide a suite of undifferentiated tools to their members that have not lived up to consumer expectations. However, competitors are defining this category and are establishing early positions by aggressively marketing their capabilities. Information is typically delivered through a secure, password protected mobile web browser for members only. Competitors are leveraging similar vendor solutions to deliver a mobile browser experience to gain speed-to-market.

Overall goals:

  • Integrate with our Customer's lives
  • Provide a connected end-to-end brand experience
  • To delight our members

Strategic goals:

  • Accelerate core capabilities
  • Build for specific user scenarios
  • Innovate and Differentiate
  • Leverage low-cost, high value channels

Tactical Goals:

  • Prioritize and build Tier 1/Tier 2 capabilities
  • View Claims Overview & Details
  • View Benefits Summary & Details
  • Estimate Costs of Procedures
  • Align Mobile and Web Experience
  • Continue User Research to refine offerings
  • Members use existing consumer portal registration process to register to access to protected resources

Logical Solution Description

All requests to the Business Services go through the KONY middleware and Our Client Service Layer. The KONY Middleware integrates with our client Service Layer to establish connection with the various Business Services. The Benefits Services return the Benefit Information.
The Claims services will retrieve the Claims information along with the Ancillary Claims details. The Cost Orchestration Services provides the Search Results for Estimating Costs of the Procedures. The supporting details for estimating (e.g., the Procedure List & Counties) will be provided by Provider Utility Services. The Provider Utility Service response could be persisted in a Cache to prevent network calls since the data being returned is a static one. 3.3 Security Overview.
The solution design should comply with any standard and defined client’s Security practices. At the end, the application needs to pass security scan test conducted by Veracode testing tool, this will help eliminate any security vulnerabilities. Veracode is software as a service vendor that specializes in Application Security. The only element installed within client data centers is several virtual scanning appliances that work to assess the security of our client’s web applications.

Services Overview

There is a set of SOAP web services that interact with the back end database to fetch claims data and chart data. These web services, are being consumed by various UI components including the Consumer Portal applications. The ININ Web services are used to provide the Channel Availability Status, Token to support the Video Chat application.

Security Architecture

Secure Web services will be protected by employing the industry standard encryption protocol SSL. It provides security and data integrity for communication over TCP/IP networks such as the Internet Logical Security Diagram.

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